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Sneakers Not Required! | Fox Chapel Pilates


Our facility is a fully equipped Pilates studio featuring multiple Reformers, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Low Chair, Spine Corrector, and many other small apparatus. Our instructors have many years experience, with our owner having over 17 years experience in teaching the Pilates technique. 

All of our instructors are leaders in our field because we truly care about our clients and their goals. We are compassionate to those with limitations, and will work collaboratively with referring doctors and physical therapists to ensure that our clients get top notch care! 

Our instructors have been trained in both the Classical Method and the Contemporary approach to Pilates and will utilize these two techniques to develop a personalized Pilates program. We all stay on top of our continuing education, and are always reaching out for more information in the fitness industry! Our studio was the first in Fox Chapel, and we pride ourselves as being leaders in our field!

Private Pilates


Our instructors will use our fully equipped Pilates studio to customize this private session according to the client's individual needs and goals. We have experience in working with those with limitations, or clients that come to our studio already strong and ready to be challenged! 

Pilates Duets:

Are you more motivated to stick with a program if a friend joins you? This one hour session where two clients work with a trainer using the Reformer, Cadillac, Spine Corrector, Low Chair, Mat, and other apparatus. Our instructors will customize a program that fits both clients' goals, while being mindful if there are limitations.

Pilates Equipment

This is a fun class using just about every piece of equipment in our studio, and each class is different!  We use reformers, tower springs, MVe chairs, TRX, small pilates apparatus, balls, resistance bands, fitness circles, and light weights (to name a few) to create a total body workout. The classes are taught by Pilates instructors, so they are all Pilates based exercises, only utilizing many different apparatus. This class is unique because it truly is a surprisingly good workout for all levels. We keep these classes very small, so please note that there will only be 5 people in this class total. This class is a fun variety class that uses all types of Pilates props, balls, and bands...We even have pulled out medicine balls! This is a very well rounded class that offers a little bit of everything that benefits us! Come and join us for a great workout! This is a very small (almost semi-private) class size! All levels welcome!Great for CORE strength, balance, Call or text for additional information, or to schedule: 412-910-0503. 

Personal Training:

Want to add variety to your Pilates routine, or just like sweating it out with the medicine ball?  In addition to Pilates, we offer strength training using dumbbells, TRX, medicine balls, therabands, and our Nordictrack CST machine.  Some clients even prefer to do half of the session with Pilates machines, and the other half doing strength training and cardio.  It's a great way to keep those muscles pumping!

Aerial Silks

We incorporate our Pilates CORE principles using these smooth, silky, suspended fabrics. The class is taught in a more relaxing atmosphere with dimmed lights and relaxing music so that the focus can be on strengthening, stretching, balance, and CORE work. We end each of these sessions suspended in the silks with a period of private reflection and meditation.  These classes are a fun way to connect with your inner self and to feel the true strength and wellbeing that working with these fabrics enhances.

Please note: A private introduction to these fabrics is required prior to joining a class.

*We do not have these classes on the schedule at this time, but if you have at least 2 other friends that want to do this with you, we will open up a private time in the silks that will just be for your group!  Please call or text 412-910-0503 for more information, or to schedule. 

MVe Chairs

MVe chairs were developed so that groups could enjoy the strength and energy of the Low Chair with ease of spring change. They are a fusion of the classical Pilates machines with the modern equipment style. We love these chairs!

*We do not have a chair only class at this time, but we do use these chairs in our Pilates Group Equipment classes, so come in and check them out!  Call or text 412-910-0503 for more information or to schedule.


As a compliment to our Pilates practice, we also have cardio equipment that our clients are welcome to use on their own, either before or after their Pilates class or session.  This equipment is located in our large classroom in the back of the studio.



  • Our yoga classes emphasize strength, flow, flexibility and range of motion; the movement practice, asana and vinyasa, is complemented with breath work, pranayama leading us toward ease and relaxation. With 15 years of teaching experience our yoga classes are tailored to your particular body, we help you achieve your goals while respecting that each of our bodies is unique in its strengths and challenges. This is not a one size fits all experience! Each class is crafted to be most beneficial to you. Join us for group class on Wed at 12:30 or email to book private, duet or small group sessions at your convenience. These small sessions are ideal for families or friends who may want to enjoy physical activity together that is appropriate for a range of ages and abilities!



    $20 for Wed class, Package of 4 for $70. 


    Private: $85


    Duet: $45  Trio: $30

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